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I only realised when I went to post this that I've never done an episode review of True Blood which blows my mind because I'm addicted like crack to it. 

But let me just say that amnesia fic is like porn to me. There is something about a character having to relearn who they are - or even learn to be something new - that just hits all my buttons. Any tv show, movie or even documentary I watch that deals with amnesia basically gets a huge thumbs up. Add to that the fact that Eric Northman is like red kryptonite to me and I am literally a puddle of goo on the ground for every single scene he is in. He has even managed to distract me from how annoying Sookie is. Please please please let this lovely arch of Eric's story continue for a few more episodes.
Everything else this season I'm not too impressed with I'm afraid. Pam is amazing but needs to be in it more. I'm tired of the Sam/Tommy story as well as the werepanthers. I like Alcide, and want him to be in the show more, but I really don't get why he's such a dumbass about his girlfriend. Seriously, warning bells going off in my head the minute I saw her wearing pearls. Bill always gave me the creeps but I will put up with him if we get to see Nan more. 
Oh and Arlene's baby is not evil. I think that other witch women from last season (and maybe the coven this season???) is somehow meddling with things there.

Also not enough Jessica in this episode. :(
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