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First off, hurt Steve more please! I had so much glee with the whumping in this. Even Steve's wide eyed crazyness when they first pulled him onto the chopper at the end was amazing to watch.

Jenna! I DID NOT want that to happen but I figured it was pretty much inevitable. Wo Fat got what he wanted and had nothing to leverage against her anymore but the sliver thin redemption she got was really not enough. I did love that Steve went so bat shit at Wo Fat for doing it though. He knows he would have done the exact same thing (for Danny) if he was in her place. And I have to give Jenna a lot of credit for digging into her dead fiance decomposed knee to get the surgical pin. That took a lot of balls. *shudder*

And can we just talk about Danny and how completely worried he was about Steve. Your face, Danny YOUR FACE! And Steve saying he was gonna think about Danny the whole time. And Lori's face listening to this (and basically asking Danny if he wants to talk about it because not only has she said they're married and given them a time out but now she is their relationship counselor too) and Danny telling Steve to shut up when he find him in the back of the truck but his voice is low and he can barely get the words out because he nearly lost Steve, he came this close and Steve is banged up and bloody but he's alive and... okay I need to take a breathe.

Oh and as much as I love Lori handling the RPG - seriously, nice work - did the writers forget that Kono is actually the one trained in that kind of thing. I mean, I'm not a military expert or anything but I'm guessing a profiler on the mission like that isn't actually essential especially when you leave your gun girl back at the chicken coupe with some tracking software. Part of me thinks they just wanted her on the helicopter so she could give Steve a hug, which is fine. You do what you want with you ships, show, just have it make sense... oh what am I saying. 

I think Wo Fat must have some strange sensory problems or lack of weaponry because not only did he not hear the helicopter when it was flying overhead, he didn't even fire at it when they blew out the bridge!!!! I mean that would be SOP, right?

Chin & Malia are engaged, again! Yay. That scene was utterly adorable and other then him actually asking her to marry him could not have been better.

Joe White didn't annoy me that much but his whole 'we come out with Steve or not at all' speech was a bit of a downer. Danny has a kid for god sake! Oh and the guy he got Tangerine from. I knew he was the guest star but don't know who he is I liked him though.

In closing, well done on flying in and out of North Korea without attracting a shit load of fire because that is...completely believable.

Date: 2011-11-23 12:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Tangerine guy was played by the singer Jimmy Buffet, which I presume led to Danny's assertion that he drank margaritas, as a little in-joke.

In closing, well done on flying in and out of North Korea without attracting a shit load of fire because that is...completely believable.

*snickers* I love our show, but it cannot be taken too seriously.

I thought it was an excellent episode, except I'm still impatient with the fact that Lori doesn't seem to have any role except to take lines that Chin or Kono should say. But I was thrilled that Chin and Malia got engaged, and the Steve/Danny looks and angst, and the Steve whump.

Date: 2011-11-23 08:34 pm (UTC)
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Ah okay, I recognize Buffet's name, don't now much about him but Danny's margarita comment makes a bit more sense now. However canonically speaking a reply of 'I'm more of a margarita man' when you are being offered what looks like whiskey comes across as a little... strange. I'm taking it to be another example of Danny letting everyone know he's coming out of the closet. :)

Yeah the North Korea thing was kind of a eyebrow raiser. I mean seriously, it's one of the most heavily monitored and militarized borders in the world!

I have to say I'm liking Lori better. I wasn't sure at first what her role was going to be but now Jenna's gone I guess it's clear. That said I don't really want them to go the way of Steve/Lori that I think they are. Not because I love all the Danny/Steve possibilities but just... Katherine, you know! I love her. Can we have he back please?


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