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Dec. 11th, 2011 02:01 pm
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My recordy box did not record Merlin while I was out yesterday. This made me sad but is now fixed through, um, totally legit ways.

I'm just going to focus on the things I liked, which actually were many in this episode. 

I didn't do an ep review last week but one thing I liked was how Merlin was speaking up, offering information and advice and Arthur was actually listening to him. This ep it just got better with Arthur genuinely asking Merlin for advice. I loved that most of all. I can start to see the relationship of legend growing and it makes me so happy. That and I love Arthur becoming the king while still being able to act like an idiot when he tries to ask someone out for breakfast (sadly not Merlin).

Gwen being nice to the captive guy. Can we just give her a yay. She survived under Morgana when she knew she was working against Uther and Arthur so I expected no less from her but I still liked this. Gwen had a steel in her that we don't get to see that often I think. She knows when to speak up and when to play along. I kind of want her "relationship" with captive guy to come in handy later. 

I loved Mithian. And yes, I know she was so perfect because she had to be to make Arthur realize that even the most perfect princess would never be Gwen but I really liked her. I want her to come back too. In fact I have a plot bunny that on the way back to 
her land she finds Gwen and tries to help her (not knowing who she is) and somehow this is how Gwen finds out that Arthur still loves her. And maybe then they both ride into battle to defend Camelot in the finale. 

I like that they didn't resolve the Gwen story in any way. That needs time but I loved how Arthur, Gwen and Merlin played their parts.

The look Arthur threw at Merlin after the second time he burped... it made me think Arthur knew Merlin was doing it. 

"How can I love someone who has betrayed me?" MERLIN'S FACE!

Bradley, you continue to surprise me. Well done on the whole acting thing.

Arthur, stop threatening to exile Merlin people. It's only going to bite you in the ass later. 

Agravaine, I kinda hate you but you played the finding of the body really well. I don't think even Gauis suspected you... and he kinda hates you too. That said, Gauis, how could you miss the stab wound?

Oh this is longer than I expected. But lastly thoughts on the trailer bit for next week so look away now if you dont' want to see.

So Morgana was actually sitting on the throne right... this cannot be good. I have a feeling things may be quite fucked up after the finale But my great hope is that Agravaine will be killed or at least exposed as the creepy double crosser he is.

Date: 2011-12-11 10:39 pm (UTC)
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I really enjoyed this episode as well,looking forward to a big reunion next week between Arthur and Gwen.

I don't like Agravaine either, he's a bit too much like a pantomime villain, not very good and all a bit useless.

what would make the ending perfect would be Arthur finding out about Merlin but sadly I don't think it will happen, especially after hearing rumours they might do a film and next series has been commissioned, they can drag it out a lot more.

Date: 2011-12-11 10:57 pm (UTC)
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I am now too. The big thing that annoyed me in the Lancelot episode was a lot of it didn't make sense. This episode, and the feeling of all the characters, made sense and felt right.

Oh Agravaine! I feel like they taken the evil smirky looks from Morgana and given them to Agravaine... the only thing is I like Morgana. I can see her motives but Agravaine; I can't understand why he is helping her. If he was trying to get rid of Uther, yeah I would get that because he might hold him responsible for Igraine's death but WHY does he want to hurt his own sister's son?

I think there has to be some kind of reveal, right? Though I don't think Arthur will find out. I don't mind that once it is written well. Honestly I'll follow most stories once they are well written and make sense.

I was convinced Gwen was going to find out about Merlin's magic in this episode when he found her in the woods. That would be a good reveal I think. Would bring up some angst between Gwen & Arthur as well because she couldn't tell him.


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