Jun. 14th, 2011

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I have something to say on this Tracey Morgan situation, and honestly bar the fact that he's in a show with Tina Fey I don't know anything about this man, his career, his acting ability, his politics or his talent.

Let me say, I do believe in freedom of speech but that does not entitle you to say whatever you want. Your words have impact. When you speak you have a responsibility to understand the implications of what you are saying. 
In my country we have laws which prohibit incitement to hatred and what Tracy Morgan said was just that. The laws are in place to counteract the exact persecution and violence that Tracy Morgan described. Many may think, "They are only words. He is only a comedian", but words of hate that are said in a public space and labelled as comedy are not something to be taken lightly. Out there, listening to this, there are kids who are having those exact words said to them. Who fear what may happen to them if they were to ever come out. Out there there are kids who hear the laughter in response to what Tracy Morgan said and it breaks my heart that I can't protect them. Honest to god, breaks my heart
Understand that it was language like this that lead to the suicides we have seen in the media in the last year and countless more that were not reported on. It Gets Better but we have a responsibility to make sure that the voices of love and support far outweigh those of hate. 


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