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I was too busy enjoying the glorious weather we were having yesterday to post on this but since the final is tonight (OMG!) here's my last thoughts on the semis.


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Best semi final so far. It even made Simon smile.


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Seeing George Sampson perform again was brilliant too.

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I didn't comment on this last night because I couldn't see all that much to be hugely happy about. But... there was still talent, not a lot but it was there so here's what I thought.

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Have I mentioned I love this show like some people love their kids?

Seriously, I can be having a bad day or a bad week but when I sit down to see these normal people come on and do extraordinary things that make me clap and laugh and sometimes cry, it makes me feel like all is right with the world. And it's not just about Susan Boyle. There have been so many acts over the last weeks (months?) that have put huge smiles on my face.

But now we're in the semi final and I realise I'm gonna have to give up every night this week to my tv because I cannot miss a single moment.

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