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Over the last couple of episodes this little kernel of an idea has taken root and won't leave me alone. I don't actually think there is a chance in hell it's what will happen but the fic possibilities are amazing.

...ready my cracky idea! )
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So I have discovered Shape Collage and may be slightly in love. It let you take photos and easily make collages.

I decided to make some fandom icon collages to celebrate. The first one is with all the fandom icons I have on my computer at the moment and then just the Hawaii Five-0 ones. So cute!

Click, click and click again for largest image. 

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 I feel like this poster is channeling Danny in some way...

Oh, and when he says "my engineers" he means Steve because if anyone can get a lemon to explode it's Super Seal!

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It's only been a couple of hours since I watched this episode and already I'm desperate for the next one. BUT before I get ahead of myself...

Since I haven't done an episode review on H50 yet let me just sum up quickly how I feel about the show. Basically it's like my crack (or secondary crack because, Glee exists and is total crack), It's the show I look forward to every week that will give me explosions and beautiful scenery and great banter and awesome ladies and manpain and laughter and Ohana rolled up into a nice 40min package. 

Now this week:
Spoilers! )

Finally the promo for the next episode!!! Skip it if you don't want spoilers but eeeeeeeeeepppppppp!

Promo for 123 )


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