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I have also started writing fic again after god knows how long. It is an untitled kradam Dirty Dancing AU with Adam as Johnny (natch) and Kris spending the summer between college working at Kellerman's to earn some cash.

I can't work on it right now. I couldn't even watch the movie again knowing Swayze was sick and working on the fic just seems wrong.

But I do want to write something so does anyone out there have prompts. They can be a fandom, a pairing, an ficlet idea or even just a word.

I need distraction right now.
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I have a new user pic and those in the know can figure out I have a new fandom too. I just LOVE these boys so much! In ridiculous amounts to be honest for someone of my age who SHOULD KNOW BETTER. but I don't care. You gotta get the happy where you can, right?

Otherwise I have no other news to share as of yet. Real life is... real life. So I find myself relieving the stress with boys who have better make-up skills than I ever will and a wife to die for.

Beep - beep - beep!

P.S. I was going to ask what was up with so many on my flist being mentally into Jonas Bros at the moment but people in glass houses got in the way. :-)


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