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Wanted somewhere to save this so I thought I'd share it with you all. 

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I may have made some internet impulse buys over at Fandoms for FckH8

T-shirt slogan I picked may be similiar but not limited to the following...

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Yup that's me. Proudly flying my geek pride flag.

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These may freak me out a little.

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Every week After Elton features a picture for it's readers to caption... This one had me in giggles.

"Once upon a time there were three gay boys who all worked at The Gap, and each was assigned very hazardous t-shirt folding duties.
But I took them away from all that. My name is Charlie."

I would LOVE to see that movie. It would be a mash up between 3 Men & a Little Lady and Mission: Impossible. Box Office Gold!

Source : After Elton Briefs: Bryan Safi Spits, BP is Creepy, Nigel Lythgoe Can't Keep His Foot Out of his Mouth, and More!
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Follow me and hear my exciting thoughts on random TV shows I like, music artist I love and all the other weird and wacky shit that only Twitter can contain!

P.S. American Idol is featuring heavily at the moment... the shame... Bowersox/Lee/Siobhan finale PLEASE!!

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