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I'm not going to go on about this. I was not a fan of Stephen Gately or Boyzone but, jesus, he was only 33. And there is a lot of bullshit going on in the media about how he died and I even read an article today saying 'he might have been gay but he didn't flaunt it, didn't push it in our faces, so it was okay'!!!

What? so if he had dressed in flamboyant clothes and constantly talked about fashion and men (the journalist's words) his death wouldn't be that much of a tragedy?!? Jesus, I fucking hate the tabloids sometimes. He had a husband who loves him and is devastated, family and friends who are in shock and they really don't need to hear that kind of crap. Give him some respect!

I always thought of No Matter What as Stephen's song. He mightn't have been the best singer but he loved what he did. I think this performance proves that. And my god what a cute smile he had.


Oct. 11th, 2009 02:04 pm
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I just heard that Stephen Gately is dead. I'm kinda in shock. I met him a few times through work and he was always nice, a bit shy and really lovely in a way I didn't expect him to be. He was also short and that is something we cold bond over since I'm a titchy 5' 3"

I remember when he came out and it was BIG news. Ireland mightn't be tiny but we're an insular enough little state and next to U2, Boyzone had been one of our biggest musical exports. For Stephen to come out was HUGE. I know it gave me more courage to be who I am and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Strangely I had this icon of him from one of their videos where I think for the first time he was shown in a romantic setting with a man while the rest of the band were with woman. They'd always avoided the issue in videos before and this, again, was groundbreaking.

I can only hope that he is happy wherever he is now. My thoughts go out to his husband, family and friends.


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