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I just watched this and had to share.

Bill and John met on December 6th 1957. This is their story.

Cute video

Nov. 26th, 2011 10:32 pm
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This has been doing the rounds but it's still making me smile so I decided to post it here. 

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Mostly for my own records but you can watch the full 35 min documentary over here for free! (The 2 min survey before you get to watch it totally worth it.)

Brilliant resource for parents, guardians or family of LGBT people.

Stand Up!

Jun. 11th, 2011 09:27 pm
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I first saw this video a couple of months ago but I rediscovered it today. 

BeLonG To is an Irish organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered young people. I only wish it had been around for me when I was younger. You should check out their website and YouTube page.
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I wrote 600 words for my June prompt challenge today. To celebrate have some bits of news, pics and videos that caught my interest...

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I wasn't sure how to preface this video. Let me start by saying it could be triggering for abortion and miscarriage and pregnancy. Whatever your political or personal beliefs on abortion - a discussion I will not enter into in this post - this information is important. This is a health issue. 

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I realized today completely by accident I've posted something every day so far this month, mostly it's be pics or videos but I think I'm gonna keep it up. It may have something to do with the fact that I'm trying to get back into consistently writing so yesterday I decide to set myself a daily writing challenge for the rest of the month based on this daily prompt list for June. You should all join in!

Todays prompt was "On this day in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright was born. Wright was a well-respected architect. He designed a number of famous homes. If you were able to design the house of your dreams, what would it look like?"

Obviously I wrote Doctor Who  fic on Jenny's backstory and her first meeting with Madame Vastra that shall never see the light of day. No honestly, I know less than nothing about Victorian London and I'm allowing myself the privilege of writing utter crap for the challenge once I write something so as much as I want to read fic about these two I will not be adding to the pile. That said, Jenny's brain is an utterly delicious to spend a few hours. 

In closing, have some adorable mini warbler.

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Is it spoilery to say I have seen Xmen and the slash was delicious? 

Now I need Eric/Charles fic like burning but in the meantime I'm going to share some James/Michael... because those two, cutest ever!

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Its an ad but its just so beautiful.

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Taylor Mali has inspired me so much with his words. It makes me want to help. Watch, listen and share.


Oh mama...

Aug. 6th, 2010 12:08 am
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 Not that I need another reason to love The Golden Girls, but here it is anyway...

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I just saw this and I had to share with you. 

This is Ricky Martin - newly out Ricky Martin - in a video unlike anything I have ever seen him do before. Is it meant as a exploration of how he currently feels in the media, naked and vulnerable? Is it a comment on the male body and how we look at people? Is it something completely different altogether and just meant as a publicity piece for a new album he is doing? I don't speak Spanish so maybe someone who does could let me know what the words say.

Either way it is an absolutely beautiful piece of art.

ETA: More info here.
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Listening to Adam Lambert's new new song on repeat.


This is epic.

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SERIOUSLY?!?! He can only top this with the video which I'm sure will pass epicness.

Soooo want to go dancing now!

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I'm not going to go on about this. I was not a fan of Stephen Gately or Boyzone but, jesus, he was only 33. And there is a lot of bullshit going on in the media about how he died and I even read an article today saying 'he might have been gay but he didn't flaunt it, didn't push it in our faces, so it was okay'!!!

What? so if he had dressed in flamboyant clothes and constantly talked about fashion and men (the journalist's words) his death wouldn't be that much of a tragedy?!? Jesus, I fucking hate the tabloids sometimes. He had a husband who loves him and is devastated, family and friends who are in shock and they really don't need to hear that kind of crap. Give him some respect!

I always thought of No Matter What as Stephen's song. He mightn't have been the best singer but he loved what he did. I think this performance proves that. And my god what a cute smile he had.

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Let me just say, Ireland is small. We've got 4 million people approx as our population but when we put our minds to something we can still do wonderful things.

Here's some proof:

I just love how straight forward the message is, no pun intended. Wonderful piece.

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I'm not getting pulled into X Factor this year (no seriously I'm not) but I just have to say this guy is amazing. If you're feeling down or just want to see something that will fill your heart to bursting have a look.

I'm already feeling better.
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Sorry for the spamming today but I had to post this one last thing that put a smile back on my face. In the video below are Misha Belfer and Mitchel Kibel who were the male dance team in the recent So You Think You Can Dance? controversy (which you can read about over here and watch here.)


The Hot 10

May. 11th, 2009 06:27 pm
ladyoflisquill: (Misc - wonderwoman power by jackshoegaze) published their Hot 100 for 2009 today. It reminded me of a sexy women meme I did in June of last year and got me wondering how my list might have change in the last year. So...

ladyoflisquill's 2009 Top 10 Sexy Women (in no particular order):

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ETA: Had to add Ellen interviewing Portia for her show. So cute!

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