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I haven't posted on Torchwood this season because mostly my thoughts were wavering between "meh" and utter disbelief at how inexplicably the characters were acting. But I have only one real piece of advice that would have completely redeemed the car crash I felt this season turned out to be.

Esther shoud have totally been the one to have gotten the blood transplant. The idea of watching Rex be all immortal in the next show, no, just no. I never liked him or the way he acted. He may have slightly redeemed himself in the last episode but I do no want to watch anymore of him on screen.

Esther, however, kicked ass. I loved watching her grow into her role and become so capable and confident. I would have loved to see the final scenes with her and Rex's character switched out. I think it would have been amazing. And the thought of a new season with her tag teaming with Jack and Gwen actually excites me. 

Alas this is not to be.... which makes me unbeieveably sad. 

Date: 2011-09-12 07:15 am (UTC)
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I totally agree. I thought the entire series was a trainwreck but I was really pissed off by the last couple of minutes. I mean - REX? I don't want any more Rex. I also don't want anyone but Jack to have the immortal thing - it's what made him special. And if someone DID have to have it then Esther would have been a far more interesting choice. Sigh. I honestly don't think I'll watch another Torchwood series though - this one was just so very bad.


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