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I just realized it's been over two months since I posted anything on here and so I had to pop in to say Hello.

I'm in the middle of my first real Nanowrimo attempt since 2008 and even though I started with no real plot I'm at just over 37k and planning to have hit 50k by about the 27th. I'm kind of amazed and flabbergasted that I've achieved this and while I committed myself to the quantity over quality motto of Nano it's really given me a confidence in my writing again that I've been missing for, well, years if I'm honest.

Back in June/July, in prep for nano, I started a little daily prompt challenge with myself using the daily writing prompts that can be found here. (ETA: Turns out I actually posted about this at the time.) My rules were simple:
1) Take a look at the prompt for the next day & come up with a idea to write the next evening.
2) Ideas could be related to anything fandom or original or otherwise.
3) Write for a minimum of 15 minutes. Just write. I did not have to edit or even look at the piece again

Today I read over a few of the pieces I wrote from that exercise and there were spelling mistakes and grammar problems but the heart of them was right there on the page. And isn't that what matters.

I was thinking once Nanowrimo is over I might go back to my daily prompt challenge but actually post them on here. 

I may even be persuaded to post some of the prompts I did earlier this year if there is interest.
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