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Over the last couple of episodes this little kernel of an idea has taken root and won't leave me alone. I don't actually think there is a chance in hell it's what will happen but the fic possibilities are amazing.

When Wo Fat caused the car accident (explosion?) with Steve's mom he thought he killed her. He was wrong. She wasn't dead but Mom and John realised it was safer for their family if Wo Fat thought she was. I don't know maybe she played a bigger part in this than we all knew. So Mom and Pop sent the kids off to the main land (separately) to protect them. Mom goes into hiding and dad... well dad tries to act like a heart broken widower would act but it's tough. He can't talk to the kids like he used to because every word out of his mouth is a lie. Steve thinks this is just because of his mom's death and learns to deal with it in the best way a teenager can. 

Fast forward 15 years and Joe is trying his best to keep Mom safe and keep Steve from finding out that she is still alive. Because if you thought Steve had daddy issue you ain't seen nothing yet. Of course it can't last and eventually Steve does find out and is... kinda pissed.  While as a military man he can understand what his parents did, as a son he feels heartbroken and betrayed and robbed of the years he should have spent with his parents. 

Bonus points if Mamma McGarrett is a big a badass as the whole of Five-0 put together.
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