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So my external hard drive is totally fucked. The guy in the PC clinic actually said 'If the CIA wanted to get the information they could... but we can't'. The only way I might be able to get anything off it is if I get a forensic recovery which will cost a minimum of €1000. Needless to say I do not have this kind of money to spend on it.

I know I should have backed it up sooner. I know this kind of thing happens but saying any of that to me right now will lead to death and blood shed. It had ever photos I've taken of my niece and nephew since they were born!!! That kind of stuff is irreplacable.

This is really just the icing on the week from hell. Work was horrendous this week and not just because I was busy but becuase there was a huge fuck-up which was not my fault but that I still feel responsible for. I've been working late every night this week on top of having a really nasty cold and not being able to take any time off because, hello, FUCK UP!

So I'm pretty much feeling shit on all fronts.
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Just had my first annual revue and after an hour and a half in with my boss it basically breaks down as I'm awesome!!!

She's delighted with how I've fitted into my job. She couldn't ask for anything more and honestly couldn't be happier with my work.

I'm so happy with it. It honestly made me reevaluate how I think about my own job because while I always do my best I guess I don't have the confidence I should in my own abilities.

Brilliant start to the weekend when I'm already excited to see Star Trek for the second time with Lady D.

Bring on the happy.


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